MRLO Partners Launches $100 Million Luxury Real Estate Fund

Eric Metzger

LAS VEGAS, NV - (December 12, 2023) – MRLO Partners announced today the launch of an alternative real estate investment fund dedicated to investing with experienced, established real estate developers in high-end, private communities across the United States and Caribbean.

MRLO Partners builds on CEO & Founder Eric Metzger’s 25+ year track record as head of real estate transactions for the developments including Hard Rock Hotel and Casino where he led the largest single-phase real estate launch in U.S. history. The team has already raised $2 million in seed capital to date from family and friends and plans to raise $100 million during 2024.

During his career, Eric Metzger has represented HNWI’ and Family Offices in more than $2 billion in buy-side real estate transactions. These purchases were inside of private, luxury real estate communities centered around mountains, rivers , lakes and oceans. Eric has been responsible for marketing and sales at some of the world’s most recognized luxury real estate developments, from the Sands Macau,  Boot Ranch - Fredericksburg, TX to One Vendue Range - Charleston, SC.

“MRLO Partners will provide early access to luxury real estate developments where we can invest in “Statement Properties” - lots before they are released to anyone else. Our long-standing developer relationships will allow MRLO Partners to initially reserve and then close on the communities’ best lots that also come with significant incentives. Ultimately, we are targeting 75 properties in 25 developments in affluent areas such as Charleston, Scottsdale, North Carolina, Florida, Utah, Montana, Texas, Colorado and beyond with the goal of exiting the investment once the properties appreciate substantially,” said Metzger.

The team is targeting capital from both single-and multi-family offices based on the strong demand for luxury real estate investment opportunities. Boot Ranch in Texas is a prime example of a multi-million-dollar development that has been widely acclaimed by substantial multigenerational families and ultra-high net worth individuals, including 12 billionaires.

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